Welcome to Williams College’s Center for Environmental Studies and Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, the home to sustainability efforts on campus. At the College, these two centers spearhead events, initiatives, and reports to constantly improve the College’s relationship with the larger environmental space, ensure environmental justice and equity is achieved on campus for students, and cultivate conversations about our impact on our surroundings.

Sustainability Goals and Principles
Campus Resource Use and Reports
Sustainability News and Events
Student Tips and Opportunities

The goal of creating a sustainable campus is something every student, faculty and staff member plays a part in.   Whether its students turning off their lights, taking shorter showers, or unplugging their appliances; the groundskeepers using minimal chemical pesticides; student-run Goodrich Coffee Bar encouraging people to use reusable coffee cups; professors weaving in concepts of sustainability to their classes; or the changes being made to the hockey rink to cut energy usage – everyone can contribute to Williams reducing our carbon footprint and working to ensure that we can meet today’s needs without sacrificing the needs of future generations of students.

Sustainability is not just about one department. Sustainability is everyone on campus thinking and taking action to make an impact and move the dial.  Williams is a small college, but what we do here ripples forth.

This website is an attempt to collect examples of sustainability across campus, to share best practices, and to be a space to see what is being done so can see what isn’t being done and to ask for it.  Dig into this website in the area(s) of campus sustainability in which you are most interested.  Check out the Participate pages and the Campus Resource Use pages.   Check out what is already going on by looking at the Student Organizations page and the Committees that you can be involved in.  Check out courses offered by the Center for Environmental Studies and others that relate to sustainability.  Do a project for a class that furthers sustainability on campus – and let us know about it!  Come by to chat with our staff and to check out the Environmental Center.  Help us to make Williams a leader in higher education sustainability!