Welcome to the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, Williams' sustainability office.

Effective July 1, 2024, the Zilkha Center and the Center for Environmental Studies will merge to become the new Zilkha Center for the Environment, while the Environmental Studies Program becomes a stand-alone interdisciplinary academic program that is the home of the environmental studies curriculum. You can read more about the changes here. We will update our webpages over the next few weeks.

The Zilkha Center advances sustainability at Williams College in collaboration with operational departments, faculty, students and partners outside the college. Our key focus areas include:

How does the Zilkha Center fit into the campus ecosystem?  Campus sustainability is everyone’s job, but the Zilkha Center exists to support and keep the work moving forward. The Center focuses primarily on improving campus operations while engaging students in the work. 

Academic courses around sustainability and the environment fall under the Center for Environmental Studies (CES). Students interested in majoring in environmental studies or the research and internship opportunities CES provides should reach out directly to CES.

🌱 Exciting news, Williams! 🌱
Starting today, the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives and the Center for Environmental Studies are merging into the new Zilkha Center for the Environment (ZCE)! With this merge, the ZCE will:

🌲 Oversee campus sustainability efforts
🌲 Collaborate on stewardship over Hopkins Memorial Forest
🌲 Continue initiatives like the student summer grant program, Log Lunch, and Maple Fest
🌲 Serve as the administrative home of the Environmental Justice Clinic
🌲 Act as home of the academic ENVI major & concentration

All are welcome to join us outside (or in if it rains!) the Zilkha Center this Wednesday from 9-12 for some delicious treats! Courtesy of our wonderful garden interns Mali and Beatrice, who will have currants and currant cookies to try! 🍪😋 See you there! ...

The Zilkha Center is excited to welcome Alex Martone to the team as the new Sustainability Coordinator! Prior to this role, Alex was at Binghamton University in New York where she completed a Master of Science in Sustainable Communities. Alex brings valuable expertise in student engagement, environmental education, and a dedication to sustainable food systems and addressing food insecurity. Alex is eager to explore the relationships of sustainability across departments and organizations during her time at Williams. Fun fact - As a self proclaimed coffee hobbyist and enthusiast, Alex owns almost every appliance in which brewing coffee is made possible. Please join us in welcoming Alex! ...