Welcome to the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, Williams' sustainability office.

The Zilkha Center advances sustainability at Williams College in collaboration with operational departments, faculty, students and partners outside the college. Our key focus areas include:

How does the Zilkha Center fit into the campus ecosystem?  Campus sustainability is everyone’s job, but the Zilkha Center exists to support and keep the work moving forward. The Center focuses primarily on improving campus operations while engaging students in the work. 

Academic courses around sustainability and the environment fall under the Center for Environmental Studies (CES). Students interested in majoring in environmental studies or the research and internship opportunities CES provides should reach out directly to CES.

About two weeks ago, the Zilkha Center and the Chaplain’s Office visited Adamah, a local farm in Canaan, Connecticut that works and educates folks on farm-to-table living through the lens of the Jewish faith. Shamu (pictured on the first slide) hosted a tour of the farm and engaged folks in activities including pruning raspberries, touching paper made by a recently slaughtered goat, and feeding chickens. The audio playing behind this post is a clip of the group singing by the river!

Also, Adamah is now accepting applications for their 3-month fellowship program! You’ll be engaged in similar activities while learning more about social justice and organic agricultural living. Check our LinkTree to apply!

The Zilkha Center is collaborating with Dining to help highlight food sustainability efforts on campus! Check out plant-rich Wednesdays at Whitmans for a flavorful and sustainable meal. Plant-rich meals reduce land clearing, carbon emissions, and water use! ...