Elliptical trainers generate electricity

Elliptical trainer with the rear flywheel open to show the modifications for electricity generation.

Williams has retrofitted the elliptical trainers in the gym so that they can convert your work out energy into usable electrical power. When you exercise on one of the 18 trainers you are generating electricity that can be used in the building. ReRev (TM) retrofits cardio equipment to reroute the energy that is being emitted as a heat by-product. Instead of the equipment raising temperatures inside the facility, causing air conditioning units to work harder (in the summer), the energy is delivered to a central processing unit that converts the human power to utility grade electricity. Each retrofit has a controller box that feeds back through a processor and into a central-grid tied inverter, tapping directly into the building’s electrical system — creating free electricity.

A typical 30 minute workout will produce 50 Watt-hours of electric energy. Lasell Gym, has a 60kW (60,000 watt) demand during peak hours so about 600 people working out on machines like this would be required to run the building’s electrical system. There’s a long way to go to power up the whole gym with human energy, but maybe your work outs could produce enough electricity to run the TVs.