Staff and Interns


Photo of Amy Johns
Amy Johns
Director of the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
Kellogg House
Photo of Mike A. Evans
Mike A. Evans
Assistant Director
Kellogg House
Photo of Dorothy Lewis
Departmental Administrative Assistant
Kellogg House
Photo of Caroline W. Bruno
Caroline W. Bruno
Sustainability Coordinator
Kellogg House



Fernanda Gonzalez is a first-year involved in Vista and the QSU. She sought her internship as an Eco-Advisor after participating in Root and learning about the multifacetedness of sustainability. At Williams, Fernanda is constantly trying to learn—in and outside of the classroom. When she is not studying, Fernanda likes to have conversations with friends.

Evan Chester is a sophomore working as an Eco-Advisor for the Zilkha Center this academic year. His main project is starting the conversation on post-2020 sustainability goals for Williams. In the past, Evan has worked for the Zilkha Center as an Envi Center tour guide and as a summer intern researching thermal comfort in dorms and green building policies. He is excited to be able to continue working with the Zilkha Center and sustainability at Williams!

Caroline Weinberg is a senior Chemistry major and Environmental Studies concentrator from Richmond, Virginia. She is deeply interested in learning more about Williams’ current and future energy use and sourcing. Caroline loves meeting new people, and wants to help the campus be more informed about where their energy comes from. She’s a lover of ultimate frisbee, skipping rocks, and Where’s Waldo, and she’s excited to get to know you!

Alice Carnell is a first-year from Baltimore, MD. Most of her extracurriculars in high school were geared towards environmentalism and sustainability (president of Environmental Council, intern at Baltimore Office of Sustainability, volunteer with Bmore Beyond Plastic, etc.) and she is excited to continue that work at Williams. In addition to environmental work, she spends her time writing, hiking, and running, and plans on majoring in either Biology or Political Economy.

Cecilia Xia is a first-year from Northeastern China. She is interested in exploring environmental economics to tackle climate change and achieve sustainable development. Bona fide cinephile. Hardcore coffee-lover.



Charlotte Jones firmly believes that an enthusiastic “good morning” is the best way to greet people… regardless of the actual time of day. On a related note, she find that smiles and integrals can go a long way in cheering people up. Rock climbing,  canoeing, hiking, and petting dogs are also easy ways to make her day brighter.

Ricky Torres-Garzon is a sophomore working on planning the annual Winter Blitz volunteer home weatherization program. He loves biking through the fresh fall leaves.



Allie Campbell is a New Hampshire native and sophomore hoping to double major in Environmental Studies and English. In addition to interning at the Zilkha Center, Allie is a coxswain on the women’s crew team, a member of Williams Environmental Council, and writes for the Williams Record. She loves hiking, dogs, and peanut butter.


Korinna Garfield is a senior Environmental Studies and Art History double major. She is passionate about environmental law and policy especially related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. At Williams, she is on the Women’s Lacrosse team and involved with the Green Revolving Fund.


Sabrine Brismeur is a first-year from Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. Her interests lie in environmental studies, political science, and communications/journalism. You can probably find her around campus painstakingly adding stickers to her planner, or hidden in the trees around Mission Park on her picnic blanket in the summer.

Jennifer “Jenn” Lee is a first-year who is excited to be the Visual Media Communications intern at the Zilkha Center. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky; she is planning on majoring in Studio Art and pursuing the Pre-health track at Williams. In her free time, Jenn enjoys drawing and playing tennis. She owns two cats and a dog, who she loves very much.


Alexa Walkovitz is a sophomore from Southern California. She is planning on majoring in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies with a possible concentration in Africana Studies. Alexa is also a figure skater, QSU co-chair, and a trained Doula!

Soha Sanchorawala is a senior from North Andover, MA. They are invested in creating a world where just, healthy spatial, political, and intimate relationships thrive, a world where everyone is free from captivity. They are currently excited to be learning to make their own maps, mend old clothes, and play the tabla!


Cris Young is a first-year and a prospective Econ and Environmental Sciences major. She loves to cook, travel, and pet dogs in her free time. Feel free to stop by her room in Willy D103 to talk!

Morgan Noonan is a first-year, and she is super excited to get involved with sustainability on campus. Outside of school and her work with the Zilkha Center, she loves dancing, traveling, playing with her 1 year old golden retriever, and of course food!



Sofia Barandiaran is a junior majoring in environmental science. She’s excited to create a welcoming environment for people and pollinators in the Environmental Center gardens. In her free time, she likes trying new restaurants!


Nandini Seetharaman is a first-year from Shrewsbury, MA. She is passionate about science and writing. On campus Nandini part of the Zambezi Marimba Band and she writes for the Record. Nandini loves learning new things and talking about it, so she’s very excited to be a tour guide for the Zilkha Center!

Madeline Rawson is a sophomore from Harrison, New York. She’s an Environmental Studies major with a focus on climate change policy. When she’s not leading tours for the Zilkha Center she can be found singing in a cappella, runningworkshops for RASAN, or working in her geosciences lab.

Allison Li is a first-year and prospective Biology major who is excited to learn more about sustainability at Williams. In addition to leading tours of the Zilkha Center, she sings a-capella, volunteers with CLiA, and acts in Cap and Bells productions. In her spare time, Allison enjoys writing short stories, baking, and playing with her dog.

Smaragda Chrysoulaki is a first-year student from Athens, Greece. She loves learning new things about the world. Smaragda is part of the Dance Dhamaka dancing group and volunteers in the local elementary school. Her goal is to make a change!


Jaya Alagar is a first-year. In her role, she is understanding the differences between building certification programs and is learning about the economic and social impact of construction materials and sites. As a prospective history and chemistry major, Jaya wants to educate the campus and surrounding community about how environmental science impacts human rights, health, and well-being. In her spare time, Jaya enjoys photography, writing, and cooking.


Elyse Mack is a first year MA student in the Williams Grad Art Program hailing from St. Louis, MO. She received a BA in Visual and Performing Arts from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2018. She is interested in ecofeminism as applied to the history of art and hopes to forge a career as a museum curator and director. She also enjoys hiking and scuba diving — and is looking for some more cold weather hobbies to try out in the New England winter!


Long Le is currently a sophomore and planning to be an Economics and Psychology major. He is a sneaker head and enjoys biking in his free time. Le hopes to work as a consultant for a few years, and then retire early to focus on cooking and becoming a chef somewhere in Southeast Asia.

Kristen Bayrakdarian is one of four STARS Interns this Winter Study. Other environmental-y things she’s done include working in Hopkins Forest for the past three years, participating in Williams-Mystic her sophomore fall, and working with Armenia Tree Project (an environmental NGO in Armenia) in their Environmental Education department for 6 months last year.

Molly Lohss is a sophomore from York, Pennsylvania. She is a prospective geoscience and religion double major. On campus, Molly plays field hockey, volunteers for reclaim childhood, and works on the geoscience student advisory committee. She often investigates the impact that humans have on the environment. Molly hopes to diminish this effect by creating and implementing sustainable solutions.

Emma Wuerth is a first year from Nashville, Tennessee. She is excited to learn more about sustainability on campus, and is part of the women’s crew team at Williams, as well as a mentor at the local Brayton Elementary school. Emma love spending time outdoors, listening to music, and a good taco!


Regina Fink is a first year from New Jersey, interested in Environmental Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Spanish. Besides being a Zilkha Center intern, she sings in concert choir, chimes in handbell choir, and reads with the Positive Pathways Partnership. Her favorite activities include hiking, biking, and listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.


Maya Spalding-Fecher is a sophomore who lives in Pelham, MA. She is a prospective Environmental Studies major, and along with being a Zilkha intern she has been co-president of Williams Environmental Council for the past year and worked on campus in the Environmental Analysis lab last summer. She loves giving campus tours, skiing, drawing, and playing ultimate!


Haley Bosse is from Portland, Oregon, indisputably the best city on earth. They have chosen to travel cross-country to take Williams by storm with their fiery activism, awesome puns, angsty poetry, and ukulele playing. Their favorite tree is, obviously, the pine or the mount mahogany. They have been spending Winter Study gathering information about Williams’ ecology and architecture for a Biophilic Design Workshop.