Water Use

Despite the regional abundance of water, the College is exploring conservation methods and practicing sustainable use patterns. Educating the Williams community in the importance of responsible water use is an important component of developing an understanding of sustainable living, and making environmentally friendly choices in life beyond Williams. For the region, using regional water resources sparingly will aid in preserving the beauty and vitality of the region for future generations.

From academic years 2004-2005 and 2017-2018, total water use (potable and non-potable combined) decreased from 46,851,728 gallons to 40,026,228 gallons. The College supported 2986.5 users (people) on campus in 2017-2018 compared to 2733.25 people in 2004-2005, a significant increase. On average, people used 13,402 gallons of water in recent years compared to 15,515 gallons during the baseline year, a 13% reduction in potable water used per person.