Trash / Municipal Solid Waste

Trash bin (with a black top) and single stream recycling bin (with a blue top)Williams throws away an estimated 800 tons of material into the municipal solid waste stream every year, items which are either non-recyclable, non-compostable, and non-reusable, or mistakenly included with the above.

Where does the trash go after I put it in the waste bin?

Williams’ trash is picked up by Scott Smith Trucking and taken to a Casella facility in Vermont.  From there, the final destination varies but it is typically taken to one of three landfills: Green Ridge Landfill (Gansevoort, NY), Clinton County Landfill (Morrisonville, NY), Ontario Landfill (Stanley, NY).

What initiatives has the College pursued?

In 2011, Williams asked waste service providers to report into an online waste reporting system, which has enabled us to measure municipal solid waste, recycling, and composting and track our progress over time.  We use that data along with periodic waste audits that the Zilkha Center has coordinated to determine trends over time and identify particular waste-stream challenges that need to be addressed.