20150331_154407Williams throws away an estimated 800 tons of material every year. Williams’ trash is hauled to the Wheelabrator Hudson Falls energy-from-waste facility in Hudson Falls, NY, where it is incinerated. The waste is converted into a local fuel to generate electricity for sale to the local utility.

Debris from construction dumpster across campus goes to a landfill in Rensselaer County NY.

During a waste audit done in January 2009, trash from a variety of buildings across campus was sorted in to non-recycleable waste, potential recycleables, and items that could have been replaced with something reusable. By weight, over 40% of the waste sorted should have been recycled – including bottles and cans, paper, cardboard, and food waste. An additional 10% could have been avoided – disposable paper cups, to-go containers, paper towels and empty plastic bags.

Get Involved

Use your reusable water bottle, get a reusable coffee cup, don’t take more than you can eat, take the extra second to dispose of your things properly, ask your friends to do the same, join the Waste & Recycling Working Group.








To learn more about Massachusetts regulations, permits, and programs in Massachusetts, visit the MassDEP site.