Pittsfield, MA

Only 20 miles away from Williamstown, Pittsfield can be pretty easy to reach if you go at the right times.

  • How: The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority operates buses around the county Monday-Saturday, with stops directly on campus. Weekdays September-May, there is a once-a-day afternoon shuttle direct from and to Pittsfield (Bus 3.1). Other times, you would need to take the 3 Bus to Main St. in North Adams, the 34 Bus to Walmart, and the 1 Bus to Pittsfield. Please see the BRTA website for a schedule, or check out the BRTA app (go here from mobile).

    Cost: Free with a Williams ID! $4.50 per ride otherwise.

    Travel Time: 45 minutes using the direct shuttle. 1:45 otherwise.

    Environmental Impact: From an environmental standpoint, public transportation such as this is a great option if you can take the direct shuttle.

  • How: Peter Pan runs two buses a day between the old Williams Inn and Pittsfield. The buses departing Williamstown leave at 9:45 AM and 3:45 PM, and the buses departing Pittsfield leave at 1:45 PM and 9:05 PM. Purchase your tickets here.

    Cost: ~$18 one way (+fees, usually $2.50 per booking). Students can get 10% off Peter Pan Fares through UNiDAYS.

    Travel Time: ~35 minutes

    Environmental Impact: Not bad, but the buses are larger and less fuel efficient than the BRTA fleet.

  • How: Here is a list of local taxi services, and here is a list of private drivers. Fair warning: sometimes it may be difficult to find a driver willing to drive you. Scheduling in advance is recommended. Every once in a while a cheaper Uber or Lyft may be an option as well.

    Travel Time: ~30 minutes

    Cost: ~$30-40

    Environmental Impact: Not as great as the other options, but it's a short journey nonetheless. It does become better if you have more than one passenger too.

  • Travel Time: ~30 minutes

    Environmental Impact: Pretty minimal, but you'll still have a larger carbon footprint than if you used the BRTA shuttle, for example.