North Adams, MA

Just a little bit up Route 2, North Adams is only a couple of miles from the college, and within easy reach even without a car.

  • How: The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority operates buses around the county Monday-Saturday, with stops directly on campus. There are two slightly different routes between Williamstown and North Adams: the 3 Bus and the 3.1 Bus. See the BRTA website for a schedule, or check out the BRTA app (go here from mobile).

    Travel Time: ~25 minutes

    Cost: Free with with a Williams ID! $4.50 per ride otherwise.

    Environmental Impact: Very small!

  • How: When the BRTA shuts down for Sundays, Williams College runs a free shuttle service between Williamstown and North Adams, with stops along the way. Click here for a schedule and for more information.

    Travel Time: ~10-25 minutes

    Cost: Free!

    Environmental Impact: Small

  • How: Here is a list of local taxi services, and here is a list of private drivers. Fair warning: sometimes it may be difficult to find a driver willing to drive you. Scheduling in advance is recommended if you know you'll need it. An Uber or Lyft may be a cheaper option as well, but those are not always available.

    Travel Time: ~12 minutes

    Cost: ~$10

    Environmental Impact: Not as great as the other options, but it's a short journey nonetheless. It does become better if you have more than one passenger too.

  • How: Biking is a great, quick, clean way to get to North Adams—no need to mess around with pesky schedules. Plus, you get to spend some time outside and you get some exercise. Talk about a win-win. Need a bike? Try checking out the Purple Bike Coalition.

    Travel Time: ~25-30 minutes

    Cost: Free!

    Environmental Impact: None!

  • How: North Adams might seem a little too far away to walk, but it's doable. It's just 5 miles straight down Route 2.

    Travel Time: 1:30

    Cost: Free!

    Environmental Impact: None!

  • Travel Time: ~12 minutes

    Environmental Impact: Minimal, as it's such a short drive.