How Do I Get To...

There are many different ways to travel to the various destinations near Williamstown. There is no single best option for any destination; it all depends on your budget, preferred method of travel, and schedule. To help make your lives easier, we’ve compiled them all—complete with a brief discussion of environmental impacts! This list is meant to (hopefully) reduce our reliance on the dirtiest forms of travel by showing all of the available sustainable travel methods.

Don’t see your destination on the list? Click here to learn about all of the available nearby transportation options, click here to see a list of nonstop flights to common destinations, or click here to see some tips for sustainable travel!

No matter where you’re going, be sure to request a ride on WSO and/or Switchboard if you think that may make your life easier—it can’t hurt, and carpooling is always environmentally friendly!

Albany, NY
Baltimore, MD
Boston, MA (Including Logan)
Bradley Int'l Airport, CT
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
New York City, NY (Including Airports)
North Adams, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsfield, MA
Washington, D.C.