High Efficiency Vehicles

High Efficiency Vehicle (HEV) parking spaces have made their way onto campus through the requirements of LEED building projects.  The number of HEV parking spaces was calculated to achieve LEED certification points for these building projects. The goal is to encourage people to think about fuel efficiency and emissions when they drive and purchase cars.

Cars that qualify for HEV parking and follow all instructions will receive a decal labeled “High Efficiency Vehicle” that includes the Williams sustainability logo.



  • A vehicle must meet the LEED standards (ZEV or ACEEE green score of 40 or greater)
  • Owner must present the vehicle registration information to DeeDee Lewis at the ’66 Environmental Center.
  • Vehicles displaying this decal adjacent to the standard Williams parking permit are permitted to park in the preferred spaces

This is the signage for the designated HEV spaces, with the Williams sustainability logo.



In order to qualify for an HEV sticker on campus, a vehicle must meet the LEED Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles requirements (a green score of 40 or greater).  There is a wide range of fuel efficient, low-emitting cars on the list – more than 6,000 qualifying cars from model years 1998-2020.

In order to be approved for an HEV sticker, please bring your vehicle registration to DeeDee Lewis in the ’66 Environmental Center who will verify that you car is on the list and issue a sticker.


Where to find HEV parking

The HEV parking spots reward people who choose HEV vehicles. HEV parking spaces can be seen on the campus map, as well as the town-owned electric car re-charging station in the town lot at the end of Spring Street. They are located next to the Hollander/Shapiro buildings, Weston Field, and Sawyer Library.