Bradley Int'l Airport, CT

Bradley Int’l Airport offers a few more destinations than Albany while still being within easy reach.

  • How: Take a Peter Pan to/from Springfield (switching buses at Pittsfield), and then take an Uber/Lyft/cab between Springfield and Bradley Int'l Airport. Purchase your Peter Pan tickets here.

    Cost: ~$30 for the bus one way (+fees, usually $2.50 per booking), and about ~$30 for the Uber/Lyft/cab. Students can get 10% off Peter Pan Fares through UNiDAYS.

    Travel Time: ~1:50-3:00 for the bus, ~30 minutes for the Uber/Lyft/cab

    Environmental Impact: Using public transportation is almost always good from an environmental perspective, and this is no exception.

  • How: Here is a list of local taxi services, and here is a list of private drivers. Scheduling in advance is recommended. Every once in a while a cheaper Uber or Lyft may be an option as well.

    Travel Time: 1:50

    Cost: $100-$230, the lower end being an Uber or Lyft and higher being a taxi

    Environmental Impact: Not the best—not only does a taxi have to take you one way, it has to return after the fact. However, it does become better if you have more than one passenger.

  • Travel Time: 1:50

    Cost: Long-term parking is available for as low as $6 a day

    Environmental Impact: Probably not the best option unless you're taking an EV, but it's still a relatively short journey, and one that doesn't involve a lot of traffic or congestion. Also, keep in mind that a full car is much better per passenger than a solo driver.