Baltimore, MD

Baltimore can be reached by plane, train, bus, or car—it’s up to you.

  • How: Southwest runs a handful of nonstop flights a day between Albany and Baltimore-Washington International Airport, which lies in Maryland to the south of the city. Connecting flights can often be a cheaper option as well, although it's good to keep in mind that a connecting flight might not be too much quicker all told than a train, for example. The airport is about a 20-45 min drive from the city center, depending on traffic, or about 45 minutes using public transportation. (Not sure how to get to the Albany airport? Check the Albany page for some ideas).

    Travel Time: ~1:30 flight time, but keep in mind all of the extra time (getting to the airport early, possible delays, getting to your final destination after disembarking)

    Cost: ~$200-500 round-trip, depending heavily on the flight you choose and when you book

    Environmental Impact: This is the worst option from an environmental standpoint, likely by a sizable amount. Short flights especially are very energy-intensive per mile traveled, connecting flights even more so, and other good options exist to get to Baltimore that are almost as quick.

  • How: Take a train from Albany-Rensselaer to New York Penn Station, and then transfer to a train to Baltimore's own Penn Station. Trains run frequently throughout the day, so check the schedule here. (Not sure how to get to Albany? Check the Albany page for some ideas). Amtrak runs two different trains between Baltimore and New York: the slightly faster but way more expensive Acela, and the much more reasonable Northeast Regional (and other similar trains). Also, don't be afraid to mix-and-match trains and buses if you find an option you prefer—you'll have to transfer anyway in NYC.

    Cost: ~$95 one-way (~$240+ if you take the Acela)

    Travel Time: ~5-6 hours from Albany to Baltimore

    Environmental Impact: Very clean. Trains tend to be the most energy-efficient method of transportation per mile traveled.

  • How: Check out the New York City page for transportation options between Williamstown and New York City; options abound from there to get between New York and Baltimore, including MegabusGreyhoundPeter PanBolt, FlixBus (often the cheapest), and more. Also, don't be afraid to mix-and-match trains and buses if you find something you prefer—you'll likely have to transfer anyway in NYC.

    Cost: ~$5-20 between Baltimore and NYC

    Travel Time: ~3:30 between Baltimore and NYC

    Environmental Impact: Not quite as good as the trains, but certainly better than flying.

  • Travel Time: ~6 hours

    Environmental Impact: Because of the distance, the specifics matter a lot here. A small hybrid with four people? Almost as good as the Amtrak. A Hummer with just the driver? Maybe worse than flying.

Need to get around the city once you’re there? Check out this guide for all your best options.