Albany, NY

Unfortunately, as of now there’s no easy way to get to Albany consistently via public transportation. Check out the options below to see if any one of them could work for you.

  • How: Going to or from Albany Airport around an academic break time? The Williams Motorcoach is an easy and quick way to get there. More information, including a schedule, can be found on the Motorcoach website.

    Travel Time: ~1:15

    Cost: $20 one-way (a 15% discount is available if you book 20+ days in advance)

    Environmental Impact: Because full buses are more efficient per passenger than cars, this is the most environmentally friendly way to get to Albany if you have the option!

  • How: Here is a list of local taxi services, and here is a list of private drivers. Scheduling in advance is recommended. A cheaper Uber or Lyft may be an option as well, but sometimes they are unavailable. Keep in mind that the cost can be split between multiple passengers.

    Travel Time: 1 hour

    Cost: ~$50-150, the lower end being an Uber or Lyft and higher being a taxi

    Environmental Impact: Not the best—not only does a taxi have to take you one way, it has to return after the fact. However, it's a short journey and it does become better if you have more than one passenger.

  • How: If you really need to get to or from Albany and don't want to pay for a cab, then there are Greyhound and Peter Pan buses and an Amtrak line between Pittsfield to Albany. Unfortunately, the schedules don't line up very well with any transportation options to or from Pittsfield, but it is a possibility.

    Travel Time: ~1 hour between Pittsfield and Albany

    Cost: $10-25 between Pittsfield and Albany

    Environmental Impact: Using public transportation is almost always good from an environmental perspective, but because this takes you so far out of the way it's not the most efficient.

  • Even if you don't have a car, Albany is fairly close, so you may be able to convince a friend to drop you off and/or pick you up.

    Travel Time: ~1 hour

    Environmental Impact: Probably not quite as clean as the Motorcoach unless you're taking an EV, but it's a short journey, and one that doesn't involve a lot of traffic or congestion. Also, keep in mind that a full car is much better per passenger than a solo driver.

Need to know how to get around Albany once you’re there? Check out the Capital District Transportation Authority’s website. Getting from the city center to the airport (or vice-versa) isn’t the easiest, but it certainly is doable.