COVID-19 and Sustainability

UPDATED 5/13/21 For the past year plus, staff and faculty across the college have been working on the innumerable pivots necessary to ensure that the college could still operate.  The Zilkha Center has been working with our colleagues to support sustainable operations and has also been… Continue reading »

September 2020 Update on Strategic Planning

The momentum of the push to finalize the strategic plan was slowed due to COVID-19, but the Zilkha Center has been working with the Provost and colleagues across campus to continue to advance innovative sustainability solutions.  We are beginning to lay the groundwork for more specific and detailed… Continue reading »

Reassessing the Campus Approach to Zero Waste

Have you ever considered what happens to your trash after you throw it away on campus? Or how the supplies and materials you use came to be purchased? These seemingly unrelated questions shaped the trajectory of our work as Zero Waste Interns for the Zilkha Center. We partnered… Continue reading »

Calling All Dishes – “Bring It Back” is Back!

Dining Services is doing an end-of-semester call for dishes that haven’t yet made it back to the dining halls.  In addition to the normal dish return bins located around campus, you will now see extra receptacles in various buildings. Please put any dishes that you find stashed away in a… Continue reading »

End of Semester (Sustainable) To-Do List

The end of the semester is a stressful time for everyone, but as you finish your exams and prepare to leave campus, make environmentally-conscious choices with this handy to-do list!  Sustainable choices are often easier on you in the long run, but most importantly, your community and your planet will… Continue reading »

What Happens in the Bathrooms of the Envi Center?

The bathrooms at the Class of 1966 Environmental Center are the only ones on campus with informational posters about the toilets lining the walls, but at first glance they don’t seem much different from any other toilet on campus. It wouldn’t appear to take much thought to press… Continue reading »

Designing a Better Move-out Process

When the clock is ticking on finishing final papers and take-home exams, packing, sorting, and moving out is last on the agenda. Even with that time crunch, donating any unwanted items should be seamless and simple. During Spring semester move out, the Give it Up! pods have been that… Continue reading »

Help Get Dishes Back to the Dining Halls

Dining Services is conducting an end-of-semester call for dishes that haven’t yet made it back to the dining halls. There are 47 dish return bins located around campus. Please put any dishes that you find stashed away in a common room corner in these bins/boxes – regardless of… Continue reading »

WEC Relaunches Compostable Cup Program

With spring semester now in full swing, students have busier schedules and thus, grab more cups of coffee on-the-go. Because compostable cups are not always properly composted outside of the dining halls, the Williams Environmental Council (WEC) reinitiated the compostable cup program in Sawyer and Schow libraries. The project was originally… Continue reading »

Fresh Fest at Images March 9th & 10th

Fresh Fest is an annual farm and food film festival at Images Cinema. Friday, 3/9, 7pm: Honey Docs (free) Two 36 minute short documentaries: Keeping the Hives Alive & The Last Honey Hunter. Followed by a panel discussion and honey tasting Saturday, 3/10 at 12pm:… Continue reading »

Sammi Stone ’17 Explains Give it Up!

I interviewed Sammi Stone ’17, a Give it Up! student employee. She answered my questions about why you should donate to Give it Up!    Sammi Stone ’17 in her pink Give it Up! hat How would you describe Give it Up! to someone who’s never heard of it… Continue reading »

Introducing Composting at Eco Café

Eco Café has become more eco-friendly.  Woohoo!   Here’s the sign.   Here’s the bin. There you go. Composting is up and going at Eco Cafe.     For more information about the process of getting composting into Eco, check out this post from a few… Continue reading »

Bet you didn’t know that these things are recyclable

Did you know that these items are recyclable?       Solo Cups in the plastic/ metal/ glass recycling bins   Pizza Boxes (grease and all) Important recycling instructions  Take out anything inside (crusts, plastic, wax)  Flatten the box  Stack it behind the paper/cardboard/recycling bin  … Continue reading »

Waste Audit 2017 Report

In January, students and staff from the Zilkha Center and Facilities conducted a Waste Audit.  Previous Waste Audits had been conducted at the college in 2009 and 2013.  The campus recycling team picked up 3 bags from each of 15 buildings across campus and brought them to Lambert garage.  The… Continue reading »

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