What Happens in the Bathrooms of the Envi Center?

The bathrooms at the Class of 1966 Environmental Center are the only ones on campus with informational posters about the toilets lining the walls, but at first glance they don’t seem much different from any other toilet on campus. It wouldn’t appear to take much thought to press… Continue reading »

Designing a Better Move-out Process

When the clock is ticking on finishing final papers and take-home exams, packing, sorting, and moving out is last on the agenda. Even with that time crunch, donating any unwanted items should be seamless and simple. During Spring semester move out, the Give it Up! pods have been that… Continue reading »

Composting Pilot Program in Dorms

All these items (plus all food waste) is compostable in these bins This May a composting pilot program will go into effect in selected dorms. There has been increased interest in composting among students in recent years.  Dining halls all have post-consumer compost and are in the… Continue reading »

Introducing Composting at Eco Café

Eco Café has become more eco-friendly.  Woohoo!   Here’s the sign.   Here’s the bin. There you go. Composting is up and going at Eco Cafe.     For more information about the process of getting composting into Eco, check out this post from a few… Continue reading »

Waste Audit 2017 Report

In January, students and staff from the Zilkha Center and Facilities conducted a Waste Audit.  Previous Waste Audits had been conducted at the college in 2009 and 2013.  The campus recycling team picked up 3 bags from each of 15 buildings across campus and brought them to Lambert garage.  The… Continue reading »

Composting Coming to Eco Café

Karen Marchegiani and Ildiko Bodor behind the counter at Eco Café In recent months many students have approached Dining Services and the Zilkha Center asking about the possibility of starting a composting program at Eco Café. Over Winter Study the possibility was first seriously discussed at a Waste &… Continue reading »

Sorting Williams College’s Trash at a Waste Audit

Kelly Chen ’17 reaches for a new bag What’s in your trash? Volunteers gathered at Lambert Garage on January 12th to find out! Working with Facilities and Zilkha Center staff, students sorted through a cross-section of Williams trash: Three bags from each trash room of sixteen residence halls, academic… Continue reading »