Read the latest Williams College Emissions Report

Williams publicly reports its emissions and progress towards goals on an annual basis. Williams’ emissions are calculated by fiscal year (July 1-June 30), rather than academic or calendar year.  The reports are finalized and shared every fall. To read the report and analysis visit:  Fiscal Year 2018 Williams College Emissions… Continue reading »

Report on College Building

Do you have questions about how the college thinks about building? Like: How does it decide if and when to build?  What makes one building project happen before another? And how does the college pay for it all? If so, please read the Report on Building, now available on… Continue reading »

Emission Report 2016-2017

Here are a few of the items of note from our Emissions Report for the 2017 fiscal year As of the end of FY17 (June 30), Williams is approximately 46% of the way toward reaching our current greenhouse gas emissions goal of 35% below 1990’s level by 2020. Between 1990… Continue reading »

Residence Hall Compost Pilot

Residence Hall Composting Pilot Report June 2017 Background This past May a composting program was piloted in selected residence halls. There has been increased interest in composting among students in recent years.  Dining halls all have post-consumer compost and are in the process… Continue reading »

Waste Audit 2017 Report

In January, students and staff from the Zilkha Center and Facilities conducted a Waste Audit.  Previous Waste Audits had been conducted at the college in 2009 and 2013.  The campus recycling team picked up 3 bags from each of 15 buildings across campus and brought them to Lambert garage.  The… Continue reading »

Sorting Williams College’s Trash at a Waste Audit

Kelly Chen ’17 reaches for a new bag What’s in your trash? Volunteers gathered at Lambert Garage on January 12th to find out! Working with Facilities and Zilkha Center staff, students sorted through a cross-section of Williams trash: Three bags from each trash room of sixteen residence halls, academic… Continue reading »