A Note from Garden Intern Baladine Pierce ‘20

Amidst all the goodbyes I said to Williams as a graduating senior, saying goodbye to the Zilkha Center gardens was particularly bittersweet. I never knew the gardens existed for my first three years on campus, but as the Garden intern this last year, I grew very attached… Continue reading »

Zilkha Summer Internviews!

Each summer, the Zilkha Center hires about 8 or so interns in the following fields; Communications, Gardening & Outreach, Artist-in-Residence, Farmington Solar Facility, Sustainability Consultant/Green Offices, Sustainable Food, Sustainable Transportation, Sustainability in Strategic Planning, Or, Submit Your Own Idea!… Continue reading »

Williams College’s New Community Garden!

The college is finally going to put a community garden on campus! Staff, faculty, community members, and students alike have desired a shared space to plant to their heart’s content. At the beginning of last year, a google form was sent out to the public through Daily… Continue reading »

Battling the Beetles

Asparagus beetles do their thing in Parsons Gardens. It’s that time of year – students are graduating, alumni are returning for reunions, and asparagus is popping up all over the place! In Parsons Gardens, the established asparagus patch is getting hit hard by asparagus beetles.  From afar you can see… Continue reading »

UMass Amherst Permaculture Conference 2013

by Lucy Bergwall ’15, Sara Clark ’15, Robin Gimm ’14, and Josh Morrison ’16 On a Tuesday in late June, Zilkha Center interns Lucy Bergwall ’15, Sara Clark ’15, Robin Gimm ’14, and Josh Morrison ’16 along with Brent Wasser, manager of the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program, piled into… Continue reading »

Growers gear up for spring 2012

Williams Sustainable Growers: Early Spring Means Early Planting? With the help of a large grow light cart on loan from the Biology Department, Williams Sustainable Growers have a jump on the season. Seven flats of seeds, ranging from diverse lettuces and brassica plants to onions, promise a… Continue reading »

Sustainable Garden Project

The Williams College Sustainable Growers student group was established in spring of 2010 and, with the assistance of the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program, founded the Sustainable Garden Project. The gardens act as visible focal points that initiate conversation on ecological agriculture and provide a practical understanding of… Continue reading »