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COVID-19 and Sustainability

UPDATED 5/13/21 For the past year plus, staff and faculty across the college have been working on the innumerable pivots necessary to ensure that the college could still operate.  The Zilkha Center has been working with our colleagues to support sustainable operations and has also been… Continue reading »

Sustainability requirements: An Eco Advisor project

As part of her Eco Advisor project, Bless Reece ’22 put together a research paper evaluating the benefits and disadvantages of implementing a campus-wide sustainability requirement for students. “Williams College prides itself on providing the “finest” liberal arts education possible. Yet, the college has yet to place sustainability at… Continue reading »

Designing a Better Move-out Process

When the clock is ticking on finishing final papers and take-home exams, packing, sorting, and moving out is last on the agenda. Even with that time crunch, donating any unwanted items should be seamless and simple. During Spring semester move out, the Give it Up! pods have been that… Continue reading »

ZC Intern Update #2: Heat Wave

This article is about the College’s energy usage data. If you’re interested in the way Williams works to be more efficient and sustainable, you can play with the College’s Projected Emissions Reduction with the Williams Wedge web app. Check it out! Summer is off… Continue reading »

Help Get Dishes Back to the Dining Halls

Dining Services is conducting an end-of-semester call for dishes that haven’t yet made it back to the dining halls. There are 47 dish return bins located around campus. Please put any dishes that you find stashed away in a common room corner in these bins/boxes – regardless of… Continue reading »

Thermal Imaging Cameras at the ELC

Interested in learning where in your room or on campus energy is wasted? You can use a thermal imaging camera to see where and how much heat radiates from an object – or in this case, a dog. The Equipment Loan Center has a couple thermal imagers. The… Continue reading »

Sustainable Winter Shutdown Tips for Staff and Faculty

As you prepare to leave for break, take a couple of minutes to reduce your impact with a few simple steps: Unplug devices and appliances in your office  Even if they’re turned off, your electronics still use energy while plugged in. Make sure to unplug your computer, printer, copier, lamps,… Continue reading »

Green Revolving Fund Incentivizes Tiered Laundry Pricing

With the arrival of Fall comes changes members of the Williams community look forward to all year: shades of red and orange foliage scattered across the purple valley, warm drinks that complement cooler weather, and Mountain Day, of course.  At the start of this academic year students may have noticed… Continue reading »

Sustainable Move-In Checklist

Move-in Day is just around the corner: You may have seen our End of Semester To-Do list, and wished you had a similar guide for the beginning of the year. Whether you’re gearing up for first days or moving in for the last… Continue reading »

Sustainable Dorm Tips for This School Year

*Click to enlarge* Vampire energy graphic from Live Sustainably! Follow these simple tips to reduce consumption and energy use from the comfort of your dorm room. Developing sustainable living habits now will benefit you and the planet for years to come. Things to Buy: Stop… Continue reading »

Composting Pilot Program in Dorms

All these items (plus all food waste) is compostable in these bins This May a composting pilot program will go into effect in selected dorms. There has been increased interest in composting among students in recent years.  Dining halls all have post-consumer compost and are in the… Continue reading »

Power Strips: Energy Saving Made Easy

Smart power strip infographic from Did you know that your electronics and appliances always use energy when plugged in, even when not in use? During their freshman year, Eco-Advisors Amina Awad ‘18 and Flor Marmolejo ‘18 began to explore how to increase sustainable behavior on campus. “We were thinking about ways that… Continue reading »