Sustainable Investing Symposium 2.0

Sustainable Investing Symposium 2.0

“Breaking the Tradeoff: Profit with Purpose”

Symposium Schedule

January 18, 2018

Williams College is hosting an educational symposium on sustainable investing. Our purpose is to bring leaders in the field together with students, faculty, and administrators to build a coherent framework for responsible capital deployment, with sensitivity to investors who have a duty to deploy capital responsibly without compromising market rate returns.

Thoughtful stakeholders in institutions, corporations, and prominent families around the world are seeking to align their investment strategies with the mission and core values of their organizations. Many are seeking ambitious returns through investing in businesses that are both financially and environmentally sustainable — pursuing profit with purpose.

Current debates around value-aligned investing are hamstrung by inadequate knowledge about financial markets and outdated assumptions about “concessionary” investments. Symposium 2.0 is designed to showcase investors and companies who are proactively to promoting market return strategies in renewable energy, clean water, sustainable agriculture, and other sectors in the US and in developing markets.

Experts and practitioners from a range of industries (agenda attached) will share their perspectives on opportunities in sustainable investing and their successes and aspirations in green finance. Provost Dukes Love will open the Symposium and a special panel will highlight the range sustainability initiatives undertaken by Williams itself on-campus, locally, and through its endowment.

Events are being organized by a team of faculty, students and alumni led by Don Carlson ’83, visiting professor of Environmental Studies, and student leaders.