WRAPS (Williams Recovers All Perishable Surplus)


WRAPS (Williams Recovers All Perishable Surplus) is a student-run organization which works to prevent unnecessary food waste in our dining halls and combat food insecurity in our community. Student volunteers recover surplus food from all three dining halls three nights a week, and package that food into recomposed meals. These meals are then frozen and delivered by students to Mohawk Forest, a low-income residential community in North Adams.


Although compost is an environmentally-friendly way of disposing of food waste, it is always preferable from an environmental and emissions standpoint to create less of all kinds of waste. By reducing the amount of food waste we produce as an institution, we reduce the frequency with which our compost dumpster needs to be emptied and transported to TAM Organics composting facility, its final destination. Most importantly, we accomplish this reduction in our institutional output by providing good food to those who need it in our community.


-Eleanor Lustig, WRAPS Co-Chair 2016


940880_1070190116338140_7224080345350871285_nPlease visit the WRAPS page on the CLiA website for more information including updated leadership, details, and to sign up.