Zilkha School-Year Internships

Now Hiring for Winter Study 2019 and Spring Semester 2019!

Winter Study 2019:

STARS (4 students)

Biophilic Design (1 student)

Spring 2019:

Drawdown (1 student)

Waste Reduction & Give it Up! (1 student)

Check out more information about the positions available and Apply here

Deadline to apply is Monday December 3, 2018 at 11:59pm

Interns during the academic year work anywhere from a few hours a month to several hours weekly. They may work on research projects, on supporting programs and initiatives of the Center, or on initiatives of their own design.

These internships are usually action oriented and change depending on the ever-changing research and work needs of the Zilkha Center. Positions open at the beginning of the fall semester. You can view a description of past positions here.

Here is a list of the types of internships that the Zilkha Center offers each year:

  • Eco-Advisors
  • Environmental Center Tour Guides
  • Communications Interns
  • Environmental Center Landscape Intern
  • Real Food Intern
  • Environmental Justice Intern
  • Mapping Sustainability Intern (Fall)
  • Healthy Building Materials Intern
  • Zero Waste Intern
  • Green Offices Intern
  • Winter Blitz Directors (Fall)