2F85224F-A087-4D43-8576-8536939515E8-L0-001Who We Are

We, the Eco-Advisors, are action-oriented change agents promoting and educating about environmentally and socially sustainable lifestyles. We strive to connect campus life to global resource issues by advocating for a sustainable future at Williams and beyond. By supporting and collaborating with campus groups, we instigate campus-wide culture shift through student initiatives. We are your fellow students and an open conduit between the student body, like-minded student groups, the Zilkha Center, and the college administration.

What We Do

This year, we are working on vegetarian cooking classes, an environmentally focused YouTube channel, reinvestment of the endowment, food waste, a sustainability competition, reducing paper waste from course packets, changing mindsets about recycling, and an academic sustainability requirement.

Interested in becoming an Eco-Advisor?

Email us to see if there are any openings.  (We usually hire all our Eco-Advisors at the start of the fall, but occasionally there are spaces at the start of the spring semester.)

Read more about Eco-Advisors and other Zilkha Center internships here


Projects that Eco-Advisors have worked on the past few years include:

A Forward Food Experience: Plant-Based Culinary Training for Dining Staff & Full-Day Meals in Whitman  by Astrid DuBois ’20

Outdoor Recycling by Emma Ticknor ’20












Earth Month Film Series by Jacob Huelskamp ’21

Food @ Willy by Isaiah Blake

Read Isaiah’s final presentation about various food activities that he led, helped to bring together, or co-coordinated, including “Dining Confessions,” an empty bowl dinner, The Food Group, Justice Snacks at WES, and “Serve Dining Services: A Thank You.”


Exploring how to decrease food waste through LeanPath by Ang Sherpa ’19

LeanPath at Williams: My Project as an Eco-Advisor










Cookin’ Green: A vegetarian cooking series by Michael Ding ’18 and Dawn Wu ’18


Approaching Environmentalism from a Humanities Perspective by Jane Tekin ’19

A blogpost from the sustainability website.

Sign in front of Paresky that says "Before I die..."








Reducing Post-Consumer Waste by Haley Bosse ’20

A blogpost from the sustainability website.













Ending food insecurity for Williams students by Sophia Schmidt ’17

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.41.41 AM

Read Sophia’s Op-Ed here


A data visualization of the carbon bubble by Sohum Patnaik ’18

See visualization here.


A natural lotion-making workshop led by Zahida Martinez ’18 and Chanel Palmer ’19

Read about the workshop here in The Record 

Students in the natural-lotion making workshop
photo by Zahida Martinez











Other Eco-Advisor projects have included:  tackling the feasibility of resusable mugs on campus, educating about “Vampire Electricity” and the benefits of power strips, eating more sustainably, promoting sustainable transportation, and returning the disappearing Williams College dishes.