Individual Building Data

Creating a graph:
To create a graph of building energy data , choose the start and end dates, the building, the utility type, the data type, and the graph scaling. The scaling you choose determines the maximum value that will fit on the graph.

If you are looking at a large scale user such as Morley Science Center, Jesup, or Chandler choose “Large User”.

If you are looking at a dorm or a small office building, choose “Small User.”

For anything else, choose “Medium User”. If you are comparing several buildings, you should choose the same scale for every one.

Comparing graphs:
The graphs are draggable, so to compare two graphs after you have created them, you can either drag them to be side by side or drag one on top of the other.

Closing a graph:
Click on the red “x” close button on the upper right hand corner of the graph to close it.

Download data:
Choose a start and end date, the building, the utility type, the data type and click the “download data” button. Your browser should prompt you to either open the file or save it to disk. It is a .csv file which can be opened either with Microsoft Excel or a text editor.