A Vermont farm residency Winter Study course - The Food Workforce: Learning & Labor in the Vermont Food System

IMG_0122This weeklong Winter Study travel course* will take the topic of labor and work and look at it through the lens of the Vermont food system.  The curriculum will include analysis of fair labor practices, the migrant workers on dairy farm, and hiring and organizational learning at small farms.

The registration for this courses has been extended to Sunday Oct 25th.  REGISTER HERE.

Financial Aid is provided for 10-100% of the travel course costs based on the student’s level of financial need. Students receive notification of the percentage of their eligibility via email in late September.


The course will pair that learning with hands-on learning at Green Mountain Girls Farm in Vermont.  This learning will include learning about livestock via morning chores, winter vegetable production in high tunnels, meat cutting and processing in the farm’s food processing room and kitchen.  Students will also share in the cooking of meals for the group.

cooking at GMG farmGreen Mountain Girls Farm is a diversified farm six miles from the center of Northfield, Vermont offering immersive educational experiences. The farmers, Mari Omland ’89 and Laura Olsen, raise vegetables and cut flowers, dairy goats, pigs, and laying hens. They preserve food on the farm and offer cooking classes using farm-raised food. The Green Mountain Girls Farm business plan emphasizes the intersection of sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism, and the farm features spacious renovated barns and houses for guests and an educational kitchen space. Green Mountain Girls Farm is designed to be a working farm with an experiential purpose.

SPEC 25- The Food Workforce: Learning & Labor in the VT Food System

Instructors: Mike Evans,  Zilkha Center & Mari Omland ’89 Green Mountain Girls Farm

herding? goats

Registration deadline is Oct 25th.

Here is the link to register.


* First years can petition CAS for an exception for travel courses by filling out this short online form.

Because the farm is not too far away and we are off campus for a week and have 4 meetings on campus – 2 pre-trip and 2 post-trip, one could make a good case to the Committee on Academic Standing for an exception to the rule. (Including a bit of background for your strong interest in the course for which you are seeking an exception would also help your case.)