Waste Policy Updates 2020

Compost Collection Bins

New compost collection bin
New compost collection bin
Cold Cup, which is compostable

Each yellow reusable container collection station in the dorms has been paired with a green and grey compost collection bin. You should dispose of your food waste and compostable to-go items – your utensils (including the packaging), napkins, straws, cold cups (which are clear) and their lids, and coffee cups and their lids – in these bins. Food packaging such as plastic chip bags, yogurt containers, sauce packets, etc. should not be disposed of in this bin. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans should be put in the recycling. 

The bins in front of Paresky will continue to be for trash only.  Whenever possible, please carry your compostable waste to the nearest compost collection bin.

Self-Service Beverage Stations & Reusable Water Bottles

For a few months, the state had banned the use of self-service beverage stations in dining halls.  While that ban is no longer in place, the state is still not allowing reusable water/beverage bottles to be used at these stations.  So for now, while you may bring and use your reusable water bottles in dining halls, you are not permitted to fill them at the self-service stations. Instead Dining staff will provide compostable cups that can be used at these stations. 

The dining halls will use up the current inventory of single-serve bottled and canned beverages and then eliminate the purchasing of these items. In the meanwhile, you can fill your reusable bottles at water bottle refill stations.  Later this week there will be more information about the locations of these stations around campus.

Reusable Bags

The reusable bag ban has also been lifted by the state, meaning that we will be phasing out the disposable bag program and offering reusable bags through an opt-in program for those who need them. If you do not have your own, please fill out this form by October 23.  

Compost & Recycling Guides

There will be clear signage on all of the bins to help you in the moment and more detailed information about composting (and recycling) on the sustainability website.

To accommodate for COVID health standards, we are generating much more waste than usual. It is all of our responsibility to make sure that we reduce our waste in general and properly divert compostables and recyclables from the waste stream. If too many items are placed in the incorrect bins, the entire bag of waste must go to the incinerator.

For questions about Reusable Containers and Self-Service Beverage Stations, email Jill St. John, Finance Director, Dining Services & Jeanette Kopczynski, Director of Catering, Dining Services

For questions about Composting in Dorms, email Dan Levering, Assistant Director for Custodial Services and Special Functions in Facilities Operations

For questions about Reusable Water Bottles and Refill Stations, Recycling, and the Comprehensive Waste Guides, email Mike Evans, Interim Director of the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives.