Updated Campus Recycling Guide

What’s recyclable on campus?  What isn’t?

How do I safely dispose of things like batteries and cell phones?

Answers to all these questions are on the comprehensive, updated campus Recycling Guide.




Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 2.51.45 PM
Click here to view and download the recycling poster

You will also see new signage/posters around campus near receptacles and in dorm trash rooms.

The goal of this signage is to provide guidance to people at the disposal decision-making moment.

Trash Rooms in Dorms

When your trash and recycling bins fill up in your common rooms, please take them to the Trash Room in the basement of your dorm and dispose of them in the correct container.  Taking a minute to sort your refuse, including flattening and stacking the cardboard makes a world of difference for your house custodians and Campus Recyclers.