Update on '66 Center solar panel construction

Wondering about the impressively deep hole being dug next to the Class of 1966 Environmental Center? Well, it turns out that this construction is necessary in order to install six (6) pole-mounted solar photovoltaic arrays! The new solar arrays are thanks to the Envi Center’s efforts to complete the net-zero energy performance “petal” of the Living Building Challenge Certification.

The Living Building Challenge is a sustainable building standard administered by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). In order to achieve full building certification, a project must complete all seven “petals” and twenty imperatives. The petals include: site, energy, water, materials, equity, health, and beauty. In 2017, the ’66 Environmental Center achieved Petal Certification by meeting six of the seven performance criteria. The goal of this installation is to meet the energy petal, which will enable this project to achieve Full Living Certification, a standard that only 23 buildings have ever reached.

Other campus building projects designed to meet an ILFI standard are Fort Bradshaw, the CDE Residence Hall, and the upcoming Davis Center project.