Transportation: Air Travel

Air Travel

Williams does not keep detailed records of air travel by faculty and staff. The only estimate of annual air travel was done in fiscal year 2007, based on a sample of 450 tickets which had destination information recorded (out of a total 2200 plane tickets). Student travel to and from campus and for study abroad was also estimated.

Table 1. Estimated air travel and CO2 emissions, FY 2007.

Category Approximate cost (dollars) Number of round trips Total distance (miles) Emissions (metric tonnes eC02)
Students studying abroad 239 2,297,769 644
Faculty and staff $1,180,000 >2000 9,565,445 2,683
Students traveling to and from campus 4,171,400 1,168
Total 16,034,614 4,496

Because Williams doesn’t keep regular or detailed records of air travel, air travel is not currently included in our annual emissions reporting or goals.