Sustainable Moveout

As you prepare to leave your dorm or office for summer break, please take a few minutes to reduce your impact and make environmentally-conscious choices by following these quick and simple steps!

  • Electronic devices: turn off your light and unplug all your appliances and devices. Even if they’re turned off, your electronics still use energy while plugged in (aka “vampire loads”). Make sure to unplug your lamps, TVs, game consoles, chargers, microwave, etc. If you use a power strip, remember to turn it off.  
  • Food: unplug and empty your mini fridge. Make sure to consume any leftover foods or deposit them in composting bins, compost any utensils, and return reusable to-go ware/clamshells to the collection bins. Here is a list of what should be composted or thrown out.
  • Trash & Recycling: empty your personal trash and recycling bins into your building’s basement waste room. This lightens the load on your custodian.  Make sure to recycle whenever possible! Here is a list of what should be recycled or thrown out. 
  • Heat: turn your heat all the way off in your room/common room. Close your windows and pull down the shades to reduce heat loss through the glass. 
  • Donations: The Give it Up! program is planning to start taking donations on Thurs 5/20 through Sun 5/30 for Frosh Quad and through Tues 6/1 for the other locations. Read more about what you can donate here. A Better Community (ABC) Pop-up Shop on Spring Street accepts gently used clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry during store hours, Thursday-Saturday 11am-4pm. Proceeds from sales at ABC Pop-up Shop are distributed to local charitable organizations.