Sustainable Garden Project

The Williams College Sustainable Growers student group was established in spring of 2010 and, with the assistance of the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program, founded the Sustainable Garden Project. The gardens act as visible focal points that initiate conversation on ecological agriculture and provide a practical understanding of where food comes from and how we can take an active, responsible role in growing it.

The Sustainable Growers first broke ground in a highly visible location in front of Parsons House in early April 2010, when 12 raised organic vegetable garden beds were constructed. In May 2010, the garden group revitalized a second site at Kellogg House and in September 2010, a third garden site was planted at the house of the President of the College. To date, the garden has expanded to over 20 beds and is growing every season!

The garden boosts over 80 varieties of vegetables and herbs, including many heirloom varieties. Many historically important seeds have been donated to the student garden from neighboring farms, including from Hancock Shaker Village and the Heritage Wheat Conservancy Project.