Summer Compost Collection on Campus

New Compost Collection Bin Locations 

As you may have noticed, new compost infrastructure has been rolled out on campus. Compost collection bins are located in every occupied dorm this summer except for Fayerweather and East, which have compost bins outside between the two buildings. Compost collection bins are also present in Currier Quad next to the picnic tables. 

What Do They Look Like?

The new compost collection bins are all wheeled bins with green lids. Most of the bins are black and labeled ‘Casella.’ Some of the bins in Currier Quad are brown and are not labelled ‘Casella,’ but they are also compost collection bins. Please see the photos below for what both types look like. Additionally, in an effort to reduce plastic waste, the new compost collection bins do not have plastic bags in them.


As of now, most of the bins are labeled ‘food scraps’ on the lid, but signage will be coming shortly on the lid of all the bins that will identify the bin as compost collection and provide information about what can be placed in the bin. A preview of what the signage will look like is below.

What Gets Composted?

All food waste, white single use clamshells, and single use dishware labeled Vegware from the dining halls should be placed in the compost bins. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

-Simon Kissam ’23 & Jacob Chen ‘23.5

Zero Waste Interns
the Zilkha Center