Recyclemania Competition vs. Amherst

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From October 24 to November 4, Williams and Amherst will be competing in a waste reduction / recycling competition.  “Recyclemania” is campus-wide and being spearheaded by the student athlete groups and environmental councils from each school.  The winner will be announced at Amherst’s homecoming game (against Williams) on November 12th.

The overall idea of Recyclemania is to reduce waste and to increase the amount of the campus’ waste that we recycle.

More specifically, points will be awarded in three categories:

  1. Total amount of waste (trash & recycling) per person as compared to the school’s baseline (lowest wins)
  2. Percentage of total waste that is recycled as compared to the school’s baseline (highest wins)
  3. Student Engagement through using the hashtag #williamstalkstrash on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  (Amherst will be using #amhersttalkstrash)

For detailed information about what you can and can’t recycle, visit the online campus Recycling Guide.

The Williams student groups Student Athlete Advisory Committee and Williams Environmental Council have taken leadership in organizing things on the Williams side.  These student groups have worked with the Facilities recycling team (bottom of this page) and the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives in the planning and preparation for Recyclemania.   Additionally the Environmental Council is organizing a number of events during the first week of the competition for Waste Reduction Week – a panel,a themed Stressbusters, a screening of WALL-E, and a bring-your-own-cup-party.  See the poster at the bottom for more info

How can you help recycling efforts during Recyclemania and beyond? Glad you asked…

  1. Please bring all your recyclable material to a recycle drop off/pick up area located in your house’s common area or directly to the House’s Trash/recycle room.
  2. Please separate all material into the appropriate bins and break down all cardboard boxes and stack them neatly, any large cardboard boxes should be brought directly to your house’s trash/recycle room.
  3. Waste Reduction Week events
    Waste Reduction Week events

    Not sure if something is recyclable?  Here’s the comprehensive campus Recycling Guide.

  4. Help spread the word.  (Here’s the Facebook event.)
  5. Thanks!