Real Food at Reunion!

Be sure to swing by Chapin Lawn in front of Paresky at noon on Saturday to enjoy the All Campus Reunion Lunch.

NittyGrittyGrainLogo1While there, nosh away on all sorts of local and sustainable dishes, including:


Nitty Gritty (Kaiser Rolls & Cookies)

Hosta Hill Crimson Kraut

hosta-hill-crimson-kraut_grandeVermont Black Bean Hummus

Equinox Farms Spring Mix

Backyard Farms Tomato

Organic Fair Trade Bananas

logobackyard-farms-logoSaratoga Peanut Butter and Pixie Organic Jam

Vermont Bean Crafters Black Bean Burgers

Highlawn Local Chocolate Milk



There are Water-Filling Stations (You can bring along your own bottle!)

And there are compostable napkins and your cornstarch fork and knife sets – so make sure you toss those in the food waste bins!


Equinox Farms
Equinox Farms

If you like what you see and taste be sure to mention it to Dining’s Catering team and to the Alumni Office staff.


Click here to see the complete list of which food venues are open when.