"Podcasts from the Farm" - Student Projects

“Podcasts from the Farm” is a series of audio stories created by Williams College students in a Winter Study course taught by Mike at the Zilkha Center.  Students attended the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s 2018 Winter Conference, interviewed farmers and other food and farming movers & shakers, and created their own podcast episodes.  The topics students explored include beekeeping, carbon farming, hydroponics, food justice, urban homesteading, herbalism, composting and more.

You can listen to the student-created podcasts on


SoundCloud, &


Check them out, let us know what you think (either by email or by rating/reviewing the show on those sites), and share them with anyone you think might be interested.

Big thanks to Patrick Gray who was extremely generous with his time for technical training and assistance – and to NOFA/Mass – especially to Jason Valcourt, Caro Roszell, Lydia Irons, Julie Rawson, and all the folks who agreed to be interviewed at the Winter Conference.

Thanks also to Jay Corey and Rob White who generously shared their insights about interviewing.  And to Jim Lille who provided the recording tools and sound (ha!) guidance for which ones to choose.

We hope you enjoy!

Students get trained on editing and soundmixing software.Students get trained on editing and soundmixing software.


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