No Impact Week

From April 21st to the 28th, Thursday Night Grassroots will be running No Impact Week, an 8-day Earth Week event. The event is based off of the experience of a man named Colin Beavan, who tried a year-long lifestyle experiment in which he attempted to live as sustainably and ethically as possible. (Check out to learn more).

At Williams, each day of No Impact Week will be devoted to a new stage—so Day 1 the focus is Consumption; Day 2 the focus is Food; and so on. Students set personal or group pledges for themselves for the week, in which they commit to thinking about sustainability in their daily lives and taking measures that improve their environmental impact. Additionally, there will be 22 different events going on throughout No Impact Week, including three 150-Mile Meals (with ONLY local ingredients), a Make-Your-Own Electricity Demo and Workout, a Community Forum on the College’s Sustainability Plan, and a Bring-Your-Own Cup party with live music.

To read the Record article written by Lexie Carr (’13) about the inspiration for this event, click here:
For the full schedule of events, click here: No Impact Week Schedule of Events
For a copy of the Williams No Impact Week pledge, click here: The No Impact Week Pledge

This event is brought to you by Thursday Night Grassroots, the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, and Dining Services