New Campus Trash & Recycling Containers

As you may have noticed, the college has revamped its waste and recycling collection systems to align with a universally recognized color-scheme and has standardized these systems around campus.  The changes also include moving from two recycling streams to single stream recycling.  

In building foyers and other centralized areas, you will now see two bins – on trash and one recycling – in the place of the three tiered “waste stations.”  In higher traffic areas, Facilities has added a second single stream (or “Zero Sort”) recycling bin.  After discussions with our waste hauler, Casella, and a site visit to see the waste sorting technology in their Materials Recovery Facility in Rutland, Facilities and Zilkha decided that it would be worthwhile to make the change to single stream. 

More more information about recycling and composting, visit the Zero Waste section of the sustainability website.

For more detailed information about what is recyclable and compostable, see the comprehensive campus Recycling Guide and Composting Guide.

Campus Guide for Recycling, Composting, Returning Reusables




Dispose of all recyclable items in the blue bin.