Mike Evans Receives Award from the Post-Landfill Action Network!

We are proud to announce that Zilkha Center Associate Director Mike Evans received an award for the Most Supportive Staff Person at the Post-Landfill Action Network’s (PLAN) fall conference!

The Zilkha Center has been working with PLAN since the fall on 2019 on a campus-wide waste assessment and strategic waste visioning (PLAN’s Atlas project, phases 1 and 2) that has aligned with Williams’ strategic planning.  Currently the Zilkha Center is working with campus stakeholders in the Zero Waste Action Planning Group to create actionable strategies to achieve the high level waste and procurement goals in the strategic plan.

In the words of the nomination, “We [PLAN] have been working with the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives at Williams College since at least the Fall of 2019. Mike Evans is the Associate Director and he’s been so awesome—very supportive of the students and their leadership, very helpful and encouraging throughout this entire process. His willingness to support and believe in the Atlas process as an experiment, and his flexibility throughout has been so instrumental—not only to the success of the work they’ve done on that campus but also to the capacity of the Atlas project to test new concepts and grow our understanding of the work.” The Zilkha Center also received an award from PLAN for Innovative Campus Engagement, referring to projects also led by Mike. 

We’re so proud of the work that Mike and the Zero Waste team have accomplished! Here’s what our Zero-Waste interns have to say about working with Mike:

“Mike has been an exceptional mentor to me over the last two and a half years that I have been able to work with him. He readily offers power and voice to students at every opportunity and incorporates our feedback seriously. Mike’s relationships with other members of faculty and staff on campus are the guiding force behind his work, making him so well-trusted and approachable. It’s hard to imagine what my years at Williams would have looked like without him! Thank you Mike!” -Lauren Lynch

“[Mike] always provided helpful feedback on our work and help[ed] guide us on our projects, while also valuing the work we did. Mike also made sure the environment of the Zilkha Center was friendly and welcoming for all of the interns.” -Simon Kissam

“Mike is an awesome supervisor! He is very understanding and flexible, and he really knows how to make you feel comfortable with and inspired to accomplish the work that you have. He also gives really insightful feedback that makes you think and approach your tasks and projects better!” -Mico Mendoza

We at the Zilkha Center couldn’t agree more. Mike’s dedication to sustainability and his ability to mentor students creates a welcoming and supportive work environment. His approach to projects using creativity and a sense of humor make him an outstanding supervisor. We’re beyond thankful to have him on our staff! 


Photo of two people smiling and holding a Bronze-colored plaque on an upcycled circuit board that says "PLAN" Mike Evans standing in front of a white house, smiling and holding a plaque that says "PLAN"