Lansing Chapman Rink

Lansing Chapman Rink – Working off of a previous student project, the Zilkha Center has headed a restoration of the Lansing Chapman Ice Rink. Of the changes, a new reflective ceiling will be installed in order to reduce the refrigeration costs, as it helps keep the ice sheet from melting. New high output florescent lights are also being installed to greatly increase light levels within the rink, helping visibility for both players and spectators.  In addition to the lights, the main entrance is being renovated. The previous entrance had approximately 450 sq feet of gorgeous Goshen stone lining the walls, as well as 780 square feet of slate that was used for the floor. These materials are in the process of being donated to the Center for Ecological Technologies. This company specializes in recycling quality building material, and selling it to the public at staggeringly low prices. To learn more about CET follow this link: .