ICYMI: Student Report about On-Campus Emissions Reduction Possibilities

In the summer of 2016, three students dove into the world of emissions reduction possibilities on the Williams campus guided by Professor Sarah Jacobson.  The goal was to think through options both large and small in order to provide data for larger, cross-campus discussions where many stakeholders would come together to take a hard look at the status quo at Williams and have difficult, productive discussions about how Williams could take bold steps that are needed in this the as we stare down climate change in the 21st century.

This project was part of a larger year-of-inquiry at the college called Confronting Climate Change. The project lead to the creation of the Wedge Activity that enabled participants to visualize the emissions reduction possibilities for all the options.

On-Campus Reductions Possibilities Final Report 2016


The students:  Anna Black, Juchan Kim, Rainer Wasinger covered the areas below and included information about data that they were not able to gather over the course of their summer, leaving room for other students to pick up from where they left off.

  1. Academic Space
    1. Classroom Space
    2. Space Heaters
  2. Residential Space
    1. Dorms
    2. Fans
    3. Refrigerators
    4. Showers
  3. Transportation
    1. Athletics
    2. Faculty/Staff Air Travel
    3. Faculty/Staff Commuting
    4. Student Travel to Campus
    5. Study Abroad
  4. Winter Study

Williams College  Confronting Climate Change: On-Campus Reductions Possibilities-  2016   Final Report   by Anna Black, Juchan Kim, Rainer Wasinger