High-velocity hand dryers in athletics

Ten high-performance hand dryers were installed in locker rooms and rest rooms in the athletic complex.  These dryers were originally installed in Hollander and Schapiro, but were removed because of complaints about noise.

Manufactured locally in East Longmeadow, MA, these high-performance units use a 180-mph jet of air to blast hands dry in just 10 seconds. Although they do use electricity, the short run time has a significantly lower environmental impact than conventional hot-air hand dryers, and even 100% recycled paper towels.

An analysis shows that these hand dryers save 90% of the energy compared to using paper towels.  This will help Williams further reduce our environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 30 tonnes per year. It also cuts down on paper waste and the handling of trash by custodial staff.


For more info, including a peer-reviewed life cycle assessment, see the Excel website.