High Efficiency Vehicle Parking Spaces

20160311_121802You may have noticed that over the course of the past week some high efficiency vehicle (HEV) parking spaces were installed in two of the lots adjacent to Sawyer Library.

As can be seen on the campus map, HEV spaces are next to LEED building projects – the Hollander/Shapiro project, Weston Field, and Sawyer Library.  (The number of HEV parking spaces was calculated to achieve LEED certification points for these building projects.)

The overall goal is to encourage people to think about fuel efficiency and emissions when they drive and purchase cars.  The HEV parking spots reward people who choose HEV vehicles.

In order to qualify for an HEV sticker on campus, a vehicle must meet the LEED Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles requirements (a green score of 40 or greater).  There is a wide range of fuel efficient, low-emitting cars on the list – more than 2700 qualifying cars from model years 1998-2016.

Here is a link to the Williams College policy for High Efficiency Vehicles, including information about how to apply for a permit if your car is on the list.