Give It Up! - End of Year Donation Program

Give It Up! pods are all around campus!

Donate your things as you move off campus to benefit:

“Give It Up!” is an end-of-year initiative coordinated by CLiA that enables students to donate unwanted items to local charities and non-profits – and to decrease waste.

Pods will be up in the following locations early – on Friday 5/11:  Frosh Quad, Mission Park, Dodd,  Greylock Quad, Berkshire/Currier Quad

Pods will be up in the following locations by Wednesday 5/16: Morgan/West, Horn Hall, Spencer/Brooks, Perry, Tyler, Wood, Agard, Woodbridge

Pods will be up at Poker Flats by 5/24.

(early and often!)

(EXCEPT– course packets foam mattresses toppers bed pillows mattresses broken items and trash open or perishable food)


20160520_133311Donations are property of the charities!

Only GIU workers with designated badges can remove items from the pods.

* Here’s a list of what “everything” (except the above items) might include:

  • books (not course packets and magazines – recycle these)
  • school supplies
  • knick knacks
  • children’s games and items
  • unopened food and drink products
  • household and plastic items
  • furniture
  • sports equipment
  • musical instruments
  • microwaves and fridges (working)
  • clothing and accessories
  • bedding and towels
  • open or unopened body care products
  • detergent
  • dryer sheets
  • cleaning supplies
  • shoes and footwear (good condition)
  • printers and TVs (working or not)
  • computers (these can also be properly recycled through the GreenUp program)
  • flower/plant pots or containers


What NOT to Donate:

  • course packets (please recycle!)
  • foam mattresses toppers
  • bed pillows in bad condition
  • mattresses
  • broken items and trash
  • open or perishable food

Big Thanks to CLiA for all their work to coordinate this every year!
And to all the Give It Up student employees and Zero Waste Interns who work to make this possible!