Get to know the 2016-17 Eco-Advisors!

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The Eco-Advisors are action-oriented change agents promoting and educating about environmentally and socially sustainable lifestyles. As yearlong interns at the Zilkha Center, they strive to connect campus life to global resource issues by advocating for a sustainable future at Williams and beyond. By supporting and collaborating with campus groups, they instigate campus-wide culture shift through student initiatives. They are your fellow students and an open conduit between the student body, like-minded student groups, the Zilkha Center, and the college administration.

Wondering what exactly the Eco-Advisors are working on right now? Interested in ongoing sustainability projects on campus? Check out these introductory blurbs written by this year’s students!

Jane Tekin ’19

Jane is a sophomore from Queens, New York exploring the relationship between the environment and mental health. Jane is interested in all the ways the aesthetic of the natural environment furnishes, or depletes, the internal landscape. She is currently working to change this aesthetic so that it better reflects the various personalities that thrive within it — and in some sense, make it what it is.




Haley Bosse ’20

Haley is a first year from Portland, Oregon, indisputably the best city on earth. She has chosen to travel cross-country to take Williams by storm with her fiery activism, awesome puns, angsty poetry, and ukulele playing. Her favorite tree is, obviously, the pine or the mount mahogany. Haley’s project focuses on post consumer waste and and involves helping students to change unsustainable habits. She’ll be organizing the compost greeters from First Days to provide more compost education soon.




Ashish Solanki ’19

Ashish is an international sophomore from India intending to major in psychology, statistics and economics. He is passionate about the intersections of environmental sustainability, renewable energy,  business, economics, and applied psychology and hopes to impact and create ‘green-collar’ jobs (environment sustainability jobs).  An avid and intense animal lover (and having kept 17 pets in his lifetime including horses and geese), he describes himself as a dog person. His Eco-Advisor project aims to create a central database of all waste management initiatives and create a framework for Williams to analyze the effectiveness of its waste management and recycling initiatives.


katieKatie Manning ’20

Katie is a first-year from a Chicago suburb called Orland Park, though she moved to another suburb, Lemont, over Thanksgiving break. Her favorite animal is the elephant and hopes to meet one some day, hopefully. Some of her other favorite things include chocolate covered strawberries; caring for the environment, animals, and people; writing; the way the word “blue” sounds; and the power of friendships. Her project involves studying and educating others on water contamination in the Hoosic River and local municipal waters in towns in Vermont and New York.


valeriaValeria Sosa ’19 

A short, angry Mexican American, Valeria is a sophomore from Greensboro, North Carolina. She enjoys to-do lists, being too exhausted from doing things to do more things (including this blurb), and puns. She is Team Mystic, a proud Ravenclaw, and has many feelings about the Oxford comma. Currently, Valeria is collaborating on a project addressing food insecurity and availability on campus.




angAng Sherpa ’19

Ang, a sophomore from Queens, New York, is interested in the trash produced on campus. Her project will focus on food waste as she will be working with the LeanPath data to better inform the student body about their waste and encourage them to reduce their waste. Aside from LeanPath, she is also interested in conducting waste audits on different parts of campus to better understand our practices and how we can improve them. If anything she will be doing also interests you, she would love to collaborate or gain any insights you might have.





Abby Rampone ’17 is a communications intern at the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives