Environmental Module -- Online Education Program

In the summer of 2020, Williams implemented an online environmental module for all incoming first year students focused on sustainability on campus. The environmental course created on Glow addressed different sustainability initiatives specific to the Williams College campus. This course consists of short videos and assessments based on the topics of sustainable living in dorms, managing waste, sustainable food practices, as well as sustainable transportation options, finished by an update for sustainability during COVID-19.

The goal of the Glow course was to provide students with important information encompassing everything that they would need to know, using interactive quizzes and different forms of media. Its purpose is to inform all incoming students that as a member of the Williams community there is a certain responsibility to committing to sustainability on campus. 

Our aim is that this online environmental module will supply all first year students with all of the valuable information that they need to know to make informed decisions relating to sustainable practices before they begin at Williams. We hope that this module is a crucial step in changing the relationship of the campus with environmental sustainability.

If you are curious about seeing the entire module put together, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or if you have any specific questions related to the program. 

~ Environmental Module created by Haley Jefferson ’23