Did You Know? You Can Recycle Your Batteries On Campus

You just pulled some AA batteries out of the back of the remote control for your TV.  Now you have two batteries in your hand, and you’re wracking your brain about what you’re supposed to do with them.

You have a faint recollection that batteries shouldn’t be tossed in the trash but …  you’re not exactly sure what to do with them.

Does the transfer station take them?  You can’t remember.

But it’s too much of a pain to try to figure it out.

So you keep tossing them into that “everything drawer” in the kitchen that also has become the home for twist ties, birthday candles, and toothpicks, which may still be in somewhere in the back.

You’re in luck!  The college recycles batteries!

Battery Recycling Locations on the sustainability layer of the online campus map

And there are four locations around campus where you can take your batteries* to responsibly dispose of them:

Where do they go next?  Glad you asked….

From those locations, our batteries get temporarily stored in the Facilities Barn and then the lead acid batteries go to Apkins in Adams, MA and the alkaline and other rechargeable batteries get sent to Northeast Lamp Recycling (NLR).

For more info about recycling on campus, visit the campus recycling guide.

For more info about battery recycling, visit NLR’s website.


* Please note: Alkaline, lithium ion, ni-cad, rechargeables, and 9-volt  batteries can be recycled at these locations.  For lead acid-batteries, contact Heather Main in Safety & Environmental Compliance to ensure proper disposal.  Lead-acid batteries are used in emergency lighting, battery backups for fire alarms, computer systems, card access systems etc.