Bidding Adieu to Caroline

Caroline and her mostly silent co-worker Baxter

In October, the Zilkha Center said goodbye to Caroline Bruno ‘15, who served as the ZC’s Sustainability Coordinator and then Assistant Director for two plus years.  In her time working with the Zilkha Center Caroline oversaw the academic year and summer intern programs, was the Zilkha staff most closely working with Davis Center staff on the Root EphVenture program, taught a Winter Study course based on adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy (which eventually led to this virtual event this fall), co-facilitated a group called Processing Whiteness (that examined white identity, white privilege and racism in an effort to increase effective dialogue about race on campus), met with many students to support both student organizations and students’ class projects, played a central role in the Zilkha DEI planning, and took the lead on the ZC newsletters.  Additionally, Caroline and Marco Vallejos had planned what looked like a great Break Out Trip for this past spring – an Ephed Up Food System, which of course never happened because of Covid.  

As many of us experienced, Caroline strikes such a great balance between supporting and guiding students and pushing students to think more deeply about themselves and their projects.  She did the same with sustainability at the college more generally – championing it, questioning it, and deepening the work.  

Caroline, we’re sorry to see you go and so excited for you for your next step.

Anya Piotrowski from Bennington College, Charlotte Jones ‘ 22 (Winter Blitz student director), and Caroline in 2019
Ceci del Cid and Caroline at Mystic on a field trip