Apply to be a Root leader!


Whether you just learned about social justice today or you marched in the streets in elementary school, the Root program is looking for enthusiastic and curious leaders to welcome the incoming class to the Root, EphVentures, and Williams communities. Root leaders are mentors and guides to help students find a place in these new communities and to explore Root’s core concepts of identity, social justice, and sustainability as they relate to themselves and our campus. No previous experiences are necessary. Leading for Root can be a great way to learn more about these themes yourself.

Apply for Root by January 15th

What would you experience during Root? Last year, some of the highlights were:

  • Building community and introducing students to Williams by facilitating activities and guiding field trips with Root first-years.
  • Exploring nearby Soul Fire Farm (“a family farm committed to dismantling the oppressive structures that misguide our food system”) to experience the farm and create social justice skits.
  • Community art, discussion, and dinner with Manos Unidas — “a multicultural, cooperative based organization that strives to unearth the common strengths and innate skills of our under heard community through shared bilingual resources, living arts, cross cultural organizing, and cooperative economy initiatives.”
  • Connecting with Exploring The Arts to learn about the history of North Adams, discovering art in North Adams, and enjoying a reggae dance party at MASSMoCA
  • Role plays, games, movies, and workshops with the Davis Center/Zilkha Center staff to build bonds and learn about identity, climate change, capitalism, and navigating the institutional structure of Williams College.
  • Not to mention some of the tastiest snacks around (mochi, pocky, spiced banana chips, seaweed, and more!).


ROOT leader expectations:

  • Help welcome and support the incoming class.
  • Interested in learning more about sustainability, diversity, and social justice.
  • Available to participate in spring training, May 22–25.
  • Available to return to campus for fall training and able to participate in this EphVentures program, from August 26–September 3.


Root is a collaboration between the Davis Center and the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, so you may contact anyone at either center for more information and questions. For more information about ROOT, you can also visit our website   Apply here by January 15th