About Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program

The Williams College Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program aims to foster in future generations a passion for responsible environmental stewardship and the rediscovery of vital food. The mission of the Williams College Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program is to co-ordinate, inspire and provide leadership to further develop our academic resources, extra-curricular opportunities, and practical approaches to sustainable food from a broad range of perspectives – social justice, environmental, cultural and economic.

Building a sustainable food culture at Williams College necessitates a combination of innovative operational strategies and educational programmatic opportunities. Our challenge is to create an emotionally rich, personally supportive experience on campus that affects and sustains changes in our community’s lifestyle, daily operations and social activism.

Students are demanding that food and agriculture issues become a vital part of their Williams College experience. We provide students with the theoretical and practical tools they need to engage in conversation about food production, distribution, quality, and taste and to realize positive change in their own food environments.