Zilkha Center Internships

The 2016 Zilkha Center summer intern crew

The Zilkha Center hires student interns during the academic year (fall, winter, spring) and the summer to work on campus sustainability projects. Let us know if you’d like to receive an email notification when future summer internships or school year jobs are posted.  We often post about them on our social media pages and in our newsletters, so be sure to follow those!

Current status

We are not currently hiring for any new positions.

See full descriptions for our summer internships, which will all be carried out remotely.

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  • Interns during the academic year work about five hours per week. They may work on research projects, on supporting programs and initiatives of the Center, or on initiatives of their own design.

    These internships are usually action oriented and change depending on the ever-changing research and work needs of the Zilkha Center. Positions open at the beginning of the fall semester, but some positions require work only during Winter Study or spring semester, so their application period begins after fall semester. You can view a description of past positions here and here. To read biographies of past academic interns, check out this link!

    Internship positions for 2019-2020 Academic Year include:

    • Climate Action Simulation Intern - Spring (1)
    • Energy Reduction Intern - Spring (1)
    • Eco-Advisors (6)
    • Environmental Center Tour Guides (3)
    • Communications intern (1)
    • Environmental Center Landscape intern (1)
    • Sustainable Food interns (2)
    • Zero Waste interns (2)
    • Green Offices interns (2)
    • Winter Blitz director - Fall (1)
    • Community Carbon Reduction Projects Intern -Fall (1)
    • Strategic Planning Intern - Fall (1)