Get Involved with Sustainable Food on Campus

If you’re interested in getting involved with sustainable food on campus, here are a few ways to sink your teeth in! Whether you want to increase Williams’ sustainable purchasing, help out at a local farm, support food security efforts, or all of the above, these are great ways to make your voice heard and have a tangible impact on our regional food system.

  • Check out the Zilkha Center’s food-related internships! The Zilkha Center frequently hires student interns to help with food sustainability projects, including outreach and analysis for the Cool Food Pledge.
  • Join a food-focused student group  
  • Submit comment cards in dining halls to tell Dining that you want to see more sustainable food! Dining staff take student feedback seriously and often modify meals served previously or incorporate new dishes based on comment cards. 
  • Follow Dining and get info about what is being served on their Instagram.
  • Donate or pick up seeds from Sawyer’s Seed Library.
  • Volunteer at a local farm
    • Lehman Community Engagement service days: Lehman has organized special farm volunteering days in the past, and partners with 2-3 local farms for their annual Fall and Spring Great Days of Service, in which students participate in service projects throughout the Berkshires. To be added to their listserv, add your unix to this spreadsheet (open to member of Williams College only).
    • Soul Fire Farm Community Farm Days: Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, NY hosts monthly community farm days from May-October. The Zilkha Center and WOC sometimes organize trips to the farm for this event and provide transportation; if you’re interested in leading a trip or just participating, feel free to reach out to a Zilkha Center staff member!